Becky Lynch is not ready to retire: "I still have many years"


Becky Lynch is not ready to retire: "I still have many years"

One of the leading women of the last period in WWE can only be Becky Lynch. The Man is currently preparing for her sixth match at WrestleMania. Although she is 36 years old, Becky has now been in the wrestling business for over twenty years.

In WWE she managed to have great success, managing to bring home the Smackdown women's title four times and the Raw one twice as well as being the winner of a women's Royal Rumble match, that of 2019. As a last great achievement, the titles sculls won together with Lita, a success that made her become a Triple Crown Champion.

Despite this, Becky Lynch is still hungry for victories and wants to keep fighting for a long time.

Becky Lynch has no plans to quit wrestling just yet

In an interview with The Tommy Tiernan Show, Becky Lynch talked about her future in the world of wrestling.

She said: "I started wrestling 21 years ago now and I still think I have a few more years to continue fighting." News that will no doubt please her fans: Becky doesn't want to give up and is absolutely not trying to end her career in the ring any time soon.

Over the years, WWE has become a more women-friendly federation and Becky Lynch has been one of the leading figures in the women's revolution. After a break due to her pregnancy, she immediately returned as one of WWE's most important stars, so much so that she was able to win the tag titles and treat herself to a match at WrestleMania 39 alongside Lita and Trish Stratus against Damage CTRL.

A few weeks before the most important WWE event of the year, the indiscretion of a possible match scheduled for the next SummerSlam with the current WWE women's tag team champion Becky Lynch involved has emerged. According to reports from WRKD Wrestling, the Stamford company has plans for a rivalry between Becky and Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. We'll see how the story develops.

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