Jim Ross: I cried after the message from Rey Mysterio

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Jim Ross: I cried after the message from Rey Mysterio
Jim Ross: I cried after the message from Rey Mysterio (Provided by Sport World News)

Rey Mysterio was inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is the pinnacle of his career and a reward for everything he has done. This great wrestler has been on the wrestling scene for many years, and he managed what many could not.

In his podcast, Jim Ross talked about Rey Mysterio and his success as well as the emotional moment when he shed a tear. “I got a beautiful text from Rey after [his WWE Hall of Fame announcement], and it made me cry. He said, ‘It all started with you’, which is pretty cool.

You know, the old story about me negotiating with Rey was I brought him to TV and I think it was in Southern California. I met with him and I didn’t hire him because he had a hell of a deal on one of those Turner contracts.

He was still getting paid a lot of money, more than I was going to offer him, and I told him that because he needed to know the whole story. But I did tell him, ‘I’m going to hire you if you want to come and work for us, and I can’t pay you what you’re earning today, but I can fully expect if you stay healthy Rey, you’re gonna blow that number completely out of the water’, and he did.

I didn’t lie to him. ”- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Jim Ross is emotional

Ross has been in this business for many years and has helped many people reach their peak, including Rey. Of course, he is grateful to him for that for the rest of his life.

“So when he said that to me, it brought tears to my eyes, you know, “It all started with you’, because I believed in him. I’d never hired a talent his size under Vince Mcmahon’s payroll, so I felt a win there.

I got a win on that one. Rey is still at it and doing great and going into the Hall of Fame. His angle with his son is interesting. It’s just hard to believe that kid is wrestling. When he hung around his dad, you know, all those years I was there.

He was just a little fart, and he came to work with dad. It’s kind of cool, and look where it’s got him. He invested in the family business and now he’s gonna be able to earn a good living doing it”.

Jim Ross