Cody Rhodes reveals he was jealous of other wrestlers

"When he passed away, ‘Dusty’s Kids’ was something that I heard a lot"

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reveals he was jealous of other wrestlers

Throughout his entire career, Cody Rhodes had the epithet 'Dusty's son' over his head. However, Cody has shown that he is a great wrestler many times and that he is capable of building a career based on his qualities. Things were not so great for him at the beginning of his career, and he had to be patient to "make a name for himself".

Precisely because of this, he felt a little bit of jealousy towards the others, whom they called 'Dusty's children' "When he passed away, ‘Dusty’s Kids’ was something that I heard a lot because his influence and legacy were being spread out.

That was a statistic being touted. Bayley, Sasha (Banks), Becky (Lynch), Seth (Rollins), Roman, Sami (Zayn), Kevin (Owens), the core ones, were all doing better than I was. It wasn’t something I could complain about or throw a tantrum over because they were honoring him.

It almost felt like they were honoring him more than I was. There’s jealousy and envy that comes with it”. - he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes talks about wrestlers

Dusty Rhodes and his name will always be mentioned in the company.

He did a lot of things for the wrestling world, but Cody wished he could have spent more time with him. “I would have loved to have done a promo class or been around a ring with my father. I got a far different education from him than they did.

But that’s why in these interviews, even on nights I don’t want to say his name or talk about him, you hear it nonetheless because his fingerprints are all over WrestleMania. Every one of those people I just named, for the most part, is doing something spectacular.

You want to add yourself to that list, and you almost can’t function if you don’t. I feel like that’s slightly weaponized in a sense by Roman toward me. I wasn’t adjusted and ready for it. I’m ready for it now”.

Cody Rhodes