The tag team champions of SmackDown change!

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The tag team champions of SmackDown change!

Many times, especially on websites linked to WWE, some insiders mistaking some calculations create some sensational gaffe or some huge mistake which the federation must then apologize for, with the most curious scenes and behaviors that come out on the various social networks or on the official WWE website, amid the hilarity of the components of the WWE Universe.

The last mistake only in chronological order was the presentation of the WWE reigning champions, who as usual on the official website of the company, appear in a particular screen, separated from the rest of the roster, just to make WWE Universe understand who is currently covering such charges, complete with a drawing of the belt that the wrestler possesses at that moment under his own name.

Mojo Rawley and Naomi become champions for one evening

The hilarious part of it happened when the names of Mojo Rawley and Naomi were entrusted to the Smackdown Tag Team Champions scenario, who besides being obviously not the reigning champions of the blue roster, they are not even a real couple on the WWE rings and above all they are an intergender couple, being a man and a woman, not being able to go to fill these roles, at least not for now.

Joking about it, one of the interested parties, Mojo Rawley, thought about it, who shared on his Instagram profile a screeshot of the WWE page accused of having sensibly mistaken the Smackdown tag team champions and with the ex 24/7 Champion who also asked his fans for a name to use in team with Naomi, which according to the athlete still has one of the best entries of WWE wrestlers.

Who knows that WWE now does not use this mistake to create something never seen in the rings of its federation, with an intergender tag team title that is still missing from the appeal of the various weekly shows and which at this point could be "invented" to create storylines innovative, also considering the success of the Mixed Match Challenge series of the past years, in which Mojo Rawley has never participated in pairs with anyone, much less with Naomi.

In an Instragram post we can read: "Apprently @trinity_fatu and I won the Smackdown Tag Team titles so congrats to us?!? NAME THIS TEAM!! Team #GlowJo?!?! #MoGlow?!?
Haha I know this was a typo but could you imagine if we were really a team?!? Trin has one of my all time favorite entrances (her entrance is what I do in my free time) and we always used to joke about me!"