Bayley: "I will open a wrestling school one day"

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Bayley: "I will open a wrestling school one day"
Bayley: "I will open a wrestling school one day" (Provided by Sport World News)

Bayley and Sasha Banks are two of the most influential wrestlers in recent years, if not in history, with the two having made a very important journey in WWE knowing how to rewrite the history of women's wrestling whether they were separate, a tag team or rivals.

In a recent interview with the Under The Ring podcast, Sasha let herself go talking about the training she did in the months away from WWE, before debuting in NJPW, confessing that she wouldn't mind opening a wrestling school in the future.

She said: "Wrestling is such a universal language. When you're in there, you don't have to say anything, you just flow. I've traveled the world training with the best coaches and the best fighters from all different generations.

So I'm ready, I'm psyched This is also for my growth in the future because one day I want to have my own wrestling school. So to be able to have all these different techniques and different styles is something I want to be able to give to my students one day in so we can teach them how to be the greatest of all time themselves." But she's not the only one, because her friend Bayley also shares this dream with her and it was the leader of Damage CTRL who spoke about it during an interview with Cool To Be You.

After taking IYO SKY and Dakota Kai under her wing in WWE, Bayley said: "I can't say too much. I've learned over the years that if you put too much out there, either people will steal your ideas or you will attract a curse towards yourself I still have a lot to do with WWE I don't think I've done exactly everything I want to do in regards to making sure that the future is good and that the girls and women coming in can be put there without worry about nothing in the division.

I want to make sure IYO and Dakota go their own way and have their moments and titles. One day, I'm going to start a wrestling school and that's what I'm most excited about these days."

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