Dutch Mantell attacks Charlotte Flair: here's what happened


Dutch Mantell attacks Charlotte Flair: here's what happened

During the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Charlotte Flair entered the ring to make a promo in view of her match at WrestleMania 39 against Rhea Ripley, stressing that she is not afraid of The Eradicator, who instead continues to claim that she reads her own that feeling in the champion's eyes every time she sees her.

Speaking to fans of the WWE Universe, The Queen also mentioned some names of her former important challengers, including Sasha Banks and the Bella Twins who are no longer in the company, also talking about a topic close to her heart, namely the nepotism, since many accuse her of being in WWE and having achieved the successes she has achieved because of the surname she bears, stating that she is not there for nepotism, but because she has talent.

Dutch Mantell answered her during Smack Talk, Sportskeeda's show, saying: "I was thinking about Charlotte Flair's intervention. The three things she talked about, nepotism, and I think, well, nepotism got you into WWE, girl.

You are the daughter of my old friend, Ric Flair. Then I think of Cody Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes let him in and look at the Usos. The two Samoans let them in through the door. And there was one more I was thinking about… Well, Roman Reigns is also a Samoan.

And there's another one because I thought up another one. So don't say it's not nepotism, because it's all nepotism."

Dutch Mantell attacks Charlotte Flair: here's what happened

In recent weeks Dutch Mantell and Ric Flair have found themselves on and off between podcasts and social media, with many who might think that the veteran's vitriolic comments towards Charlotte Flair may have been made to snub the Nature Boy.

Surely many people think that Charlotte, and the colleagues mentioned, have arrived where they are with an advantage, at least that the door has been opened for them for the surname, but it is undeniable that they have all shown that they have passion, love and talent.

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