Paige denounces WWE bullying: "I wanted to leave"

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Paige denounces WWE bullying: "I wanted to leave"
Paige denounces WWE bullying: "I wanted to leave" (Provided by Sport World News)

After having to withdraw with a neck problem that kept her out of action for years, the All Elite medical staff finally gave Paige the green light to return to wrestling. In his last interview released for her biography, for a WWE program, she wanted to tell the difficult beginning in the McMahon company locker room, with the bullying she received for months that almost forced her to give up the dream of her.

She explained: "I came to WWE with some wrestling background and some of the girls were annoyed by that…the only person that was nice to me was Summer Rae. I remember they used to throw my stuff out of the locker room...they told me I had to do my own thing in the shower and they were just terrible.
I remember calling my mom and dad a lot, I did it for about three or four months and I cried my eyes out.

These phone calls were very frequent, until I settled in. Many times I said I wanted to go home. All I was telling myself at the time was it takes time, it's your time. They're testing you." During one of her Twitch lives last year, where she also talked about why she signed with Aew, Saraya wanted to reveal that she and WWE never discussed her possible return to the ring while under contract with the company which, after the accident, kept her in the role of General Manager and Manager.

"We never had that discussion. I never had that discussion with WWE because they let me go. I've worked years to better myself and be healthier and stronger. I, mentally, never let it out because I had this mental block. I want to be as safe as possible.

I know what my body can do. WWE and I have never had that discussion about having a match. I never mentioned to him that I potentially could wrestle. If I had told them about it, I'm sure they would have researched it."