The Undertaker: "Here's what the real problem of today's wrestlers is"

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The Undertaker: "Here's what the real problem of today's wrestlers is"

One of the most iconic characters in the entire history of WWE, responds to the name of The Undertaker, who for years has had a dark character, with supernatural powers, who has trodden the McMahon family rings for decades, also maintaining for over 20 years an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

After deciding to stop wrestling, 30 years after its inception, Undertaker has carved out a lot of time at home with his family, with his wife Michelle McCool, also a former WWE wrestler and their children, who after years of working on the road they managed to have their husband and father back home every day, or almost.

In his latest interview given to the microphones of Ariel Helwani, a well-known journalist who deals with all-round pro-wrestling, The Undertaker wanted to talk about what he thinks today's young wrestlers are doing wrong, talking about how today's wrestlers don't they go to safeguard their gimmick, their character and therefore with the various social networks they go to break that magic that he has always maintained for 30 years.

The Undertaker and character protection

In the long interview given to Helwani's microphone, which you can also find below in video, The Undertaker has in fact stated: "I think a lot of our talents, but also people who aren't in it, but more generally, they don't understand any concept of protecting character or even building character, just enough to protect it.

They go, they do something on TV and then they come home and they go on their social media and they're completely different." Taker continued by making the comparison with him: "I'm a dinosaur. I am. I mean my mentality is still 20 years ago, but I mean I think there's a reason I've stayed there all that time.

Now I would also say, live a little, my God. You don't have to be as extreme as I was, but man, just a little bit of real life you gotta show. If you keep posting everything, even the matches you want to stage, to get people to be this or that."