The Undertaker: "Hulk Hogan accused me of hurting him"

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The Undertaker: "Hulk Hogan accused me of hurting him"

Two legends of the pro-wrestling,, especially when it comes to WWE, are undoubtedly The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, characters known all over the world, even outside the pro-wrestling discipline and who have given a lot to the creation of wrestling fame in the world.

Both athletes are now retired, but occasionally return to talk about their relationship in the ring in some interviews. In one of his now no longer recent, released for the occasion of an interview for ESPN and which at the time did not make much noise, only recently re-emerging, a few months ago Undertaker reported: "Hogan claimed how I hurt him with the Tombstone during the PPV.

So I thought to myself, not knowing this until Tuesday, I knew there was going to be another PPV, but I didn't know if I should give them the belt back or what they had in mind. This thing came out of nowhere. In the end I thought that losing the belt was because he was telling everyone that I had hurt him.

Hogan was still the goose that lays the golden egg at the time so I was like, Okay, they're going to take my title away because they don't trust me' or whatever. I honestly couldn't figure out what was the reason behind all of that."

Undertaker and Hulk Hoagn: a relationship that never took off in WWE

In another no longer recent interview, The Undertaker had already told how his relationship with Hogan wasn't the best and never had been.

Continuing to talk about their relationship, Taker had in fact added: "We weren't always great friends, but you know, if he was in the building, I always went up to him and said hello, struck up a conversation with him. But, you know, I've always been, as I've always said since that famous Tuesday in Texas, when I got that answer, it's always been enough for me to know what kind of guy he was.

And then, that was the way to go, always... My radar has always figured out how to make me move, whenever I've had an interaction with it."