Vince McMahon present in the backstage of Raw!

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Vince McMahon present in the backstage of Raw!

In recent months, the return of Vince Mcmahon has certainly held the court within WWE, who had followed his voluntary departure from the family company, after the scandal that emerged over the payments of several women, who had of relations with him, which the Chairman had wanted to keep hidden over the years.

After all the details of this scandal emerged online, Vince McMahon had stayed away from WWE for a while, only to then return to being full-fledged Chairman of the company, making his daughter Stephanie take a step back and attempting to go to sell the company in its entirety, for an astonishing 9 billion collars.
In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired tonight, Vince was also present in the backstage of the show, with his presence having an ulterior motive.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful website, Vince was present on Raw only and exclusively for John Cena, with the two meeting as often happened in these months of absence for both, outside WWE. As reported by the well-known journalist on his Twitter, in fact: "Everything I've heard indicates that people who were on WWE Raw believe Vince was on the show to visit John Cena.

He has visited Cena several times outside of WWE this past year."

Vince McMahon still can't find WWE buyer

Vince McMahon has an immense desire to sell his company and is looking for the right buyer together with Nick Khan.

The news that the Arabs will buy WWE was denied by Nick Khan himself, with many instead thinking that Endeavor, owner of the UFC, could jump on this opportunity, with CEO Ari Emanuel explaining the following: "As far as WWE is concerned, it's an incredible product," Emanuel said.

"Vince, you know, he's built a great business. We've had a long-standing relationship with them for two decades. We've been doing location business with them, streaming business with them, his business is really valuable. But we won't do anything to change our lead at this time."

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