John Cena returns to Raw!

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John Cena returns to Raw!

John Cena is one of the most important characters of the last twenty years of WWE, even if in the last period he has given up a lot of the blow to devote himself completely to cinema and his acting career. In recent days, however, WWE had decided to make him appear also in the episode of Monday Night Raw, which was staged from the TD Garden in Boston, his hometown, with fans who were no longer in the skin waiting of his return to the ring.

After having played his last match in Smackdown, in the last episode of the blue show of 2022, John Cena returned to accept an unmissable challenge against the United States champion, Austin Theory, with whom he had a face to face just tonight on Raw.

After a long face-off, in which Cena told Theory that he was no match for the opponents John has defeated in the past and after hearing Austin's teasing about Cena's baldness, the two challenged each other to a match titled in that of Wrestlemania, with the public that was unanimously all for the multiple world champion currently absent from the ring for some time.

In the end, Cena also wanted to introduce the man of the moment, as in a sort of handover, with Cody Rhodes who entered just proclaimed by John Cena.

John Cena and the great words dedicated to The Rock

One of the most historic feuds of WWE in recent years is certainly the one that saw John Cena and The Rock collide in the Wrestlemania rings, in what have become classic matches for the entire history of the Stamford company.

Both of the company's former world champions have now dedicated their careers to Hollywood, spending more time in front of the film and TV cameras, rather than stepping into the ring almost every day, as they did for decades, before becoming full-fledged actors of the sector.

In his latest post on his Twitter page, John Cena wanted to talk about The Rock with great praise, bringing to mind their great feud that had culminated in Wrestlemania, in one of the most anticipated matches in the company's history.
"Relive this epic WWE rivalry for those who have been through it before.

I wouldn't be who I am today without The Rock. Professionally and personally. He challenged me, demanding my best, forcing me to face my shortcomings with the world he was watching! Respect is a key thing for me…and that took it to a new level! ".

John Cena