DNA test: Dominik Mysterio wants to know who his father really is!


DNA test: Dominik Mysterio wants to know who his father really is!

One of the probable matches that WWE will stage on one of the two nights dedicated to Wrestlemania 39 will almost certainly be the family challenge between Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik, with the two having now been feuding for months.

Their disagreements were born because of Judgment Day, with the attacks of Finn Balor, Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley, who finally convinced Rey's eldest son to join the Monday Night Raw heel stable. Apparently, if for someone the match between the two was a stopgap or in any case a dispute put there as a filler, for some insiders, the thing would instead have been studied for some time.

As stated by the Wrestling Observer, through the voice of Dave Meltzer, in the latest Newsletter of the site, also reported on the pages of Ringside News, WWE has had this dispute in store for months now. Meltzer's words on this matter were in fact: "Rey Mysterio vs Dominik Mysterio.

It hasn't been made official yet but it's been the company's plan for months, to have a singles match between the two on this show." Despite having seen them on separate rosters and engaged in different storylines, WWE's plan therefore seems to have always been the same, with the two athletes, father and son, who have never really been separated in the company's future.

One of the most famous storylines in which Dominik Mysterio took part, even if he was certainly not a WWE Superstar at the time, is the one involving his father Rey and the late Eddie Guerrero. Now almost 20 years ago, Eddie and Rey clashed over custody of him, with the WWE Hall of Famer passing way too soon, which was certain that Dom Dom was his son and not the son of his best friend.

It all culminated in a Ladder match at Summerslam, with Rey who managed to win and keep custody of his son, but after so many years, Dominik himself, by now become one of the worst heels in WWE, wanted to withdraw this storyline, to play on in the feud with the father.

In his latest interview released to the microphones of Inside The Ropes and reported in excerpts on the Ringside News website, Dominik wanted to talk about his new look since his release from prison, saying: "A lot of people tag me because of my hair, how I did it… and for Eddie, so I asked my mom at this point why do I see WCW pictures of my dad with no mask on and everyone tags me there and then I do the confrontation with Eddie instead and everyone tags me there too.

And I'm standing there scratching my head. I think I'll have to do some DNA testing on my own at this point because I don't know what's going on."

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