Billy Graham still in danger in hospital

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Billy Graham still in danger in hospital

In January of this year, thanks to the Facebook page dedicated to him and managed by an external team, we learned that the health conditions of the former wrestler Billy Graham are not exactly the best, with his wife who has recently provided a new update saying unfortunately the insurance will no longer cover the legend's medical bills and saying he's back in the hospital for one more attempt to save his life.

Also on that Facebook page and also via his wife, we have a new update that doesn't seem entirely positive: "The latest update from Wayne's wife, Valerie, is pretty awful. In addition to Wayne's ongoing medical issues, resulting in the expense of Out of pocket $200 a day for his treatment at a rehab hospital, both now also have COVID!

Valerie has already used up all of her sick and personal time at her workplace and she can no longer get a paycheck while she's out with COVID. Also, she can't visit Wayne due to his covid and has trouble getting updates on his condition.

They are facing serious problems. Please pray for both. It is much appreciated. If anyone can donate any amount, he would be greatly appreciated at this critical time."

The last update before the COVID

The penultimate post on the page read: “The first procedure took place at 3 am, but was unsuccessful.

They planned another type of procedure but it was delayed. We were both very exhausted but God and his infinite mercy watched over us once again. They just brought him back to his room about an hour ago with the catheter successfully placed!

They said the way the original catheter came out could kill him… but our Lord had other plans. And last but not least, some of his hearing is back!!!” If you also want to donate to help the couple, you can do so here.