John Cena, what a look! Beard, mustache and long blond hair in the new film

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John Cena, what a look! Beard, mustache and long blond hair in the new film

If WWE is preparing to bring Wrestlemania back to Hollywood, those in Hollywood who are already there are certainly not sitting on their hands. And, although he already has an eagerly awaited film like FAST X, the new chapter in the Fast & Furioussaga, he is preparing to be appreciated in a new film.

Which this time has important action components, but only as a backdrop for a full-fledged comedy. We are obviously talking about John Cena, who will be among the protagonists of Die Hart 2: Die Harter, in completely new guises.

The very recent distribution of the trailer has in fact hidden until the last seconds a big surprise: John Cena's look in the film. In fact, we discover it in the finale, in which the sixteen-time world champion appears with a beard, moustache, a dressing gown and a long and very improbable blonde hair.

And from what we can understand, the protagonist Kevin Hart joins him in a lonely house where he does not want to be disturbed. And in fact the very nervous long-haired John Cena welcomes him by pointing a crossbow at him after mistaking him for a creditor.

A few moments later, however, all the characters are sipping tea together.

What is John Cena's new role?

John Cena's participation with such a particular look in Die Hart 2: Die Harter has an explanation. In fact, the film tells the complicated story of Kevin Hart, a well-known American comedian, who in the saga plays a version of himself who wants to break into action cinema and must learn the tricks of the trade.

But of course while he does it he finds himself at the center of every conceivable difficulty. The production obviously involves the participation of various celebrities in completely unexpected roles compared to how the public has become accustomed to knowing them (this is the case of John Travolta, who was Hart's instructor in the first chapter).

This time it's up to John Cena to appear with an appearance never seen before. And that will certainly cause discussions for all those who have come to know and appreciate him in his twenty years in WWE and then in his now numerous experiences between TV and cinema.

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