Charlotte Flair: "WWE shouldn't unify women's belts"


Charlotte Flair: "WWE shouldn't unify women's belts"
Charlotte Flair: "WWE shouldn't unify women's belts"

After Roman Reigns' unification of the titles at WrestleMania 38, when the wrestler defeated Brock Lesnar who was WWE Champion at the time, people started wondering if WWE could do it for women too. In an interview with the Daytona Beach News-Journal, current SmackDown champion Charlotte Flair said: "I don't recommend a women's belts unification program because I believe it would mean fewer opportunities for women.

It was good for a of girls have both titles at once, but it takes up many places”. This question came to her after The Queen had indicated Bianca Belair as the person she would like to work with in the Stamford company: "I've never had a storyline against Bianca Belair.

I'd like to go against her." The feeling is mutual In several interviews, the current Raw champion Bianca Belair has always reiterated that she would love to be able to defeat all the Four Horsewomen, and if for now she has had the privilege of landing Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks, she is only missing Charlotte Flair from face and defeat.

Last November she said: "After this WrestleMania, after defeating Becky Lynch and becoming the Raw Women's Champion, they would be three of the four Horsewomen that I have pinned and defeated. I pinned Bayley, I pinned Sasha, I'm pinning Becky Lynch this year.

I want to pin all four Horsewomen at the end, so I'd like for Hollywood to hunt down Charlotte and make her the last of the four Horsewomen to be pinned," Belair told Nikki & Brie Bella on the Bellas Podcast. While the two will not cross paths this WrestleMania, as EST will face Asuka who earned her match by winning the Elimination Chamber Match last weekend, and The Queen will face winner Rhea Ripley instead of the Royal Rumble, the two remain hopeful of being able to collide seriously sooner or later.

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