Triple H on potential sale of WWE after Elimination Chamber

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Triple H on potential sale of WWE after Elimination Chamber

Vince Mcmahon made his sensational return to WWE earlier this year and there are rumors that he plans to sell the company by early 2023. It has been reported that Vince is aiming to make around $9 billion from the sale. A price that is said to be much higher than the actual value of the company.

, the PPV staged on Saturday in Montreal. Triple H wanted to clarify the issue: "I will stay out of the sales negotiations and I will limit myself to giving the fans the best possible shows. My goal is to continue creating the magic we created tonight.

If we can do that, I'll feel at peace with myself." Following the return of Vince McMahon, Stephanie resigned to everyone's amazement.

Triple H on potential sale of WWE: what is happening

During the post-Elimination Chamber press conference, the 14-times world champion Triple H spent nice words for Logan Paul: "It seems that he has always been part of this business, he has an innate talent and never ceases to surprise us.

He hasn't made a single mistake since he stepped foot in WWE." Guest in the latest edition of the podcast Notsam Wrestling, Shawn Michaels praised Logan Paul: "He is a really brilliant guy, who works hard and knows how to listen to advice.

He knows what it takes to get to the top of this business. A lot of people were skeptical when he set foot in WWE, but he's proven he's a tough guy and deserves the utmost respect." HBK continued: “Working with him has been great fun.

He is an amazing athlete and surrounds himself with good guys. We had a great time together. I can only wish him the best." The arrival of Triple H as the new head of the creative team has been a boon to the WWE locker room, which has welcomed back some of the talent that had been released during the pandemic.