Billy Graham is in danger of dying

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Billy Graham is in danger of dying

One of the biggest heels in the history of the WWF / E is certainly Superstar Billy Graham, an athlete of the McMahon family who fought in the Stamford company between 1975 and 1988. Although Graham left WWE twice, except Ever since returning to the fold, the wrestler has managed to write his name in the company's rolls of honor and in the history books of pro-wrestling in a remarkably solid fashion.

In January of this year, thanks to the Facebook page dedicated to him and managed by an external team, we learned that the former wrestler's health conditions are not exactly the best: "The magnetic resonance showed that he has a bad ear infection that has now moved to the bones of the ear and also to the skull area… the infectious disease doctor who is following your case is deciding what kind of antibiotics to start giving him”.

And now here comes another update from his wife, by WrestleTalk: "Fans and friends, the following are the condition reports I have received from Billy's wife, Valerie. Please consider contributing to their gofundme. Today is the last day their insurance will cover the cost of the rehabilitation center.

Now they will have to pay $200 a day out of their own pockets. Thank you all and God bless you. Please pray, they called an ambulance to take Wayne back to Mayo."

They continue to fight for him

The post goes on to state: "The first procedure took place at 3am but was unsuccessful.

They planned another type of procedure but it was delayed. We were both very exhausted but God and his infinite mercy watched over us once again. They just brought him back to his room about an hour ago with the catheter successfully placed!

They said the way the original catheter came out could kill him… but our Lord had other plans. And last but not least, some of his hearing is back!!!"