Here's how Jerry Lawler is doing after the stroke

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Here's how Jerry Lawler is doing after the stroke
Here's how Jerry Lawler is doing after the stroke (Provided by Sport World News)

WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry The King Lawler was rushed to hospital with sudden illness: " is sad to inform you that WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time, Jerry Lawler has suffered a medical episode while staying at his home in Florida yesterday afternoon.The story that has been making the rounds is that Lawler had been out for lunch with friends and sometime after lunch he fell ill and was rushed to the hospital learned of the matter last night, but out of respect to Lawler and his family, chose not to report it." The wrestler and commentator then underwent surgery following a stroke, with the operation appearing to have gone very well, in fact Dutch Mantell updated fans on Twitter writing: "UPDATE ON JERRY LAWLER: It has been confirmed that Jerry LAWLER has had a stroke last night in Ft.

Myers, Florida. He was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent a medical procedure. His latest condition is actually good and he is expected to recover. Good news," before also adding : "The feeling in your right side is back and improving.

Your speech is still affected, but the doctor expects it to return as well."

What happened

Action 5 News, reported, "Memphis wrestling legend Jerry Lawler is hospitalized at the moment after suffering a stroke at his home in Fort Myers, Florida.

Lawler, 73, underwent surgery and is now is recovering in a Florida hospital. Lawler celebrated his 50th anniversary in the wrestling ring in 2020. His historic career includes decades of wrestling in Memphis, with the WWE and traveling the world." PW Insider also reported: “Later today, the news began to spread after Ricky Morton publicly expressed best wishes to Lawler.

As neither Lawler's family nor WWE have released an official statement, we are choosing to do not report the nature of the problem. Lawler, 73, had just appeared on the WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Kickoff Show panel two weeks ago and had an autograph session in Florida over the weekend.

He is currently hospitalized and everyone here wishes him well and to his family all the best in the days to come." Photo Credits: pic by the New York Post