Cody Rhodes on hyping videos and relationship with the crowd

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Cody Rhodes on hyping videos and relationship with the crowd
Cody Rhodes on hyping videos and relationship with the crowd (Provided by Sport World News)

Cody Rhodes is perhaps the biggest name on the wrestling scene right now. Rhodes is not a frequent guest on various podcasts, but this time he spoke with The Ropes. The topic was; Hyping up videos about his return. The host of the show was interested in where it came from? “Obviously, I’m not in charge of anything here.

I’m a man on the roster and want to be the top man, but in the case of the video packages, vignettes, and build-up…I think it’s an okay thing to share. That was Triple H’s idea and the team around him.

WWE is always super anonymous in terms of the team, but I have to shout out Colleen, JB (Jeremy Borash), Adam Panucci, and Ben Williams. These guys put these videos together because my situation is unique in the sense that I do not play a character.

I don’t even think I’m one of those turned up to 11. I am me, always, and that’s a little scary. That’s intimidating if you’re saying, ‘He’s coming back at the Royal Rumble.’ ‘I’m coming back at the Royal Rumble and everybody needs to get off the mountain’ or whatever it is that I said.

You’re putting yourself in a situation where you best deliver, and I thought that they covered my journey in such a real way. ”- he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes and Triple H

From the earliest days, Rhodes gave his best and wanted to get closer to the crowd .

The crowd noticed it. This is precisely why he does not want to damage the relationship he has with them. He tries to keep his word. “I’m not saying I’m those individuals, but again, in our world, Triple H called his shot.

It’s very important to me to keep your word with the fans, especially now. As I’ve gotten older, keeping your word, and I felt like I kept my word. I showed up in the best shape of my freaking life, and I was able to get it done,” -he concluded.

Cody Rhodes