Vickie Guerrero: "Stop comparing Eddie to Dominik"

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Vickie Guerrero: "Stop comparing Eddie to Dominik"

In the last few hours, however, Vickie Guerrero, Eddie's widow, seen in the WWE and AEW rings as manager of various athletes, wanted to blurt out against this thing, asking fans to stop with these similarities, because according to her they are disrespectful.

But let's see what she commented under one of the posts she saw from a Vickie fan page. A few days after the anniversary of Eddie's death, his wife at the time, Vickie Guerrero had wanted to pay homage to the late partner with a truly goosebumps tribute, in the last November ppv of AEW.

The manager, who has been working with the Khans for some years, as Nyla Rose's manager, had decided to pay homage to Eddie with an impressive entrance to Full Gear, with her and her client entering with a low-rider car , which Eddie used to enter WWE arenas with.

In addition to the car, Vickie also wore a Rhea Ripley t-shirt, in homage to Eddie's latest WWE T-shirt, the one with the famous catchphrase "I'm Your Papi", now "I'm Your Papi." Mommy". A beautiful tribute that the whole pro-wrestling world appreciated, accompanying Vickie's entrance with applause, screams and tears.

One of WWE's legendary athletes who has now become immortal in the hearts and minds of WWE Universe fans is Eddie Guerrero, a Mexican athlete who unfortunately died prematurely before he even turned 40, several years ago now.

Due to a cardiac arrest, the pro-wrestling world lost one of its brightest stars, but since that day fans have never stopped remembering him every day, on social media and in pro-wrestling events. In one of Eddie's last feuds in the WWE rings, there was also the one he had against Rey Mysterio, in which the two contested the then little Dominik, who according to Eddie was his son, culminating this feud also in a Ladder match at Summerslam, with custody of Rey's child up for grabs.

In recent years, therefore, fans of the WWE Universe have continued to carry on this story, comparing the photos of the young Eddie with those of Dominik as an adult.