Bret Hart revealed how cruel Goldberg was

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Bret Hart revealed how cruel Goldberg was

Bret Hart spoke for the metro related to Goldberg. He believes that Goldberg was very dangerous and that he had no feelings for other fighters "[Goldberg] was a guy that nobody seemed to have taught how wrestling really works.

He seemed to think he could just pick a guy up and just slam him through the mat as hard as you could and that was good wrestling,’ he said his Confessions of the Hitman series." , as quoted by metro "‘Guys would have tears in their eyes from how much pain they were in, and he was a really reckless and dangerous guy to wrestle."

Hart was injured in a fight with him in 1999 and says that he is still affected by the fact that Goldberg did not call him even after a year to ask how he was and if he was well. ‘He literally threw me into the ropes and tried to kick my head off my shoulders.

Like, there was no working aspect to it,’ he claimed, blaming the incident with ending his career. ‘One of the things that always bothered me about Bill was about a year after he hurt me – which he never called me and he never talked to me about it.

‘He never called to see how I was doing or anything like that, but he did say when I saw him about a year after I got hurt, in fact a few weeks before [WCW] terminated my contract

Payout for his contract

It is an interesting fact how bad Golderbeg brought to Hart.

If there had been no injury, Hart would have been paid $ 15 million but given the injury he had to leave the organization earlier. When we consider that fact we see how cruel Goldberg was ‘I remember he said to me, “It’s the nature of the business – we all know what can happen out there.

It’s the nature of the business”. I’m like, “Naw, it’s not the nature of the business. The nature of the business is to not hurt the guy you’re working with. That’s your first priority”.

‘ Hart suggested if he hadn’t been hurt, he would have received a full payout for his contract when WWE bought WCW in 2000. ‘I wouldn’t have to go back and work for WWE. I wouldn’t have to have had to work for anybody.

I would have cashed in and made $15 million,’ he added. ‘But because Goldberg’s kick ended my career, they terminated me 10 months after I got hurt and I never got anything. My contract was null and void. If I couldn’t wrestle within six weeks, you’re done.’