CM Punk at the Royal Rumble 2023?

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CM Punk at the Royal Rumble 2023?

CM Punk at the Royal Rumble 2023? The Chicago star has been suspended indefinitely by All Elite Wrestling after causing a backstage brawl at the end of the All Out PPV. His future is more uncertain than ever and some experts believe that it makes no sense to continue investing in a downturned wrestler.

We recall that Punk had left WWE in 2014 due to some disagreements with the management, before taking a long break from wrestling. On the latest edition of The Wrestling Time Machine podcast on Sportskeeda, Bill Apter reflected on CM Punk's future: "Do I think Punk's Royal Rumble appearance is possible? I have no idea, but it doesn't seem like a likely scenario.

From my point of view, it would work better if WWE announced Punk's participation in the Rumble in advance. Such an announcement would attract more attention than a surprise appearance."

CM Punk continues to divide

The Straight Edge Superstar left wrestling for several years after splitting from WWE, unsuccessfully trying his hand at mixed martial arts.

Subsequently, Punk accepted Tony Khan's offer and debuted in All Elite Wrestling to the delight of the fans. His run in AEW didn't last long, as Punk caused a backstage brawl at the end of the All Out PPV and was suspended indefinitely.

Some argue that the former WWE champion has nothing left to give, while others hope to see him again in WWE almost nine years after the last time. During the latest edition of the Oh… You Didn't Know podcast, Road Dogg reflected on CM Punk's future: "Is it possible for him to return to WWE? Never say never when talking about these guys.

Wrestling is a business and second chances are quite frequent. If CM Punk's return was good for business, WWE would definitely think about it. Love him or hate him, there's no denying Punk can tip the scales."

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