The Rock away from WrestleMania 39

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The Rock away from WrestleMania 39

While WWE attempted to get The Rock back in the ring to have a Wrestlemania 39 match against Roman Reigns, it looks like that's not going to happen. And the reason, according to an authoritative voice like that of Dave Meltzer, is very clear.

In fact, WWE wanted an answer by mid-January, before the Royal Rumble takes place. Well, this answer would not come. As you have already been able to read on our pages, the Wrestling Observer has spoken of a The Rock who has even already communicated to WWE his refusal to take part in WrestleMania 39.

What bounces back from America is that the People's Champion is not a no to wrestling, but that it is due to the awareness of not having the time necessary to find the state of sufficient form to hold a match in the ring with Roman Reigns.

Speaking to his Wrestling Observer Radio, however, Dave Meltzer reported that based on information from him this decision does not come as a surprise to WWE. In Stamford, in fact, they would have known for some time that The Rock did not feel comfortable with his physical and athletic preparation towards April and WrestleMania.

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"Anything is possible, and it's certainly possible that The Rock is keeping it all under wraps and only one or two people know the truth," Meltzer explained, as can be read in the transcript.

to get in shape. Always, if he has the time to do it, he does it. Put it this way, most people think he won't be at WrestleMania, and they have been thinking so for months. But there is no 100% certainty, because it's a very secret affair." Meltzer also talked about the news regarding Raw is XXX, where there was supposed to be a Bloodline recognition ceremony, but it was turned into a trial of Sami Zayn.

However, if someone assumes that this change has something to do with The Rock, the well-known journalist does not think so. "I would say no, and I've already explained why. Unless there has been a sensational twist, insiders have known for some time that it would go like this.

It's not like things change overnight in WWE on a random Thursday, with someone saying they won't be there while they previously gave their word for it. I have the impression that they were aware of this change, they already knew everything. And at that point they announced the change of plans."

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