Eric Bischoff: "I think there are tensions between Stephanie and Vince McMahon"


Eric Bischoff: "I think there are tensions between Stephanie and Vince McMahon"

Eric Bischoff reveals there are tensions between Vince and Stephanie McMahon: "The fact that she resigned is for quite obvious reasons. It is that there is tension between Stephanie and Vince. Not only is Stephanie not in favor of her father's return but as soon as he came back she resigned.

This is no coincidence. I think there is a bit of tension between both of them. If I were Triple H I would be worried about him. I wonder what will happen. Will he be next to resign? I don't we know." Vince McMahon had announced his farewell from WWE following allegations of misconduct against some women.

While it's not yet known whether or not he will return to his previous job as head of creativity, the WWE roster was reassured during a recent meeting that this won't be an issue for the foreseeable future.

Vince McMahon is came back in WWE

Since his return, it seems that Vince has again a lot of power over what has been his creature for years, in fact he no longer even needs the consent of the shareholders to make decisions.

In recent days, there has also been talk of his possible participation in the Royal Rumble and some appearances on TV, especially taking into account that the next episode of Monday Night Raw will be a special episode because the 30th anniversary of the birth of the brand will be celebrated.

WWE has been the largest wrestling federation in recent years thanks above all to those who have led it up to now, namely the McMahon family who no longer seem as serene as before. After leaving the company last summer, Vince McMahon rejoined the board of directors over a possible WWE sale.

Not even a week later, Stephanie McMahon stepped down as Co-CEO, leaving many wondering if that had anything to do with Vince's return. Speaking out about her on his podcast '83 weeks' was Eric Bischoff. According to him there could really be some problems between father and daughter.

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