Mickie James: "I have no regrets, I'm ready to retire from wrestling"

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Mickie James: "I have no regrets, I'm ready to retire from wrestling"

Interviewed by Pro Wrestling Torch, Mickie James wanted to deepen her point of view on what she is currently going through in her career: "It was a pleasure. I was able to go in there and be among the best talent out there and challenge myself to show what I can do.

With each match things got more and more difficult. Obviously I've never faced Jordynne before and we are two completely different fighters. I'll never be as strong as Jordynne, I'll never be tough like Jordynne, I'll never hit as hard as Jordynne.

I hope I'm a little faster than her, I don't know, we'll see. But I have to be smarter than her and that's where I hope to get the edge on her. I studied each style of wrestling to be as prepared as possible. I know she takes that title very seriously and she was a great champion and I have nothing against her but I don't want her to make me retire, I still love wrestling so much and wanted to prove myself in this Last Rodeo to prove that I still belong in wrestling and that I could still be champion.

I wanted to do something special in case I definitely have to step out of the ring because I want to take a step behind the scenes and I want to [watch] the next chapter at some point. I didn't think I had anything else to prove except that I still belong in the ring and I could still be champion one last time.

That's what it's all about and I have no regrets in my career, I've had a fantastic career." She then went on to say that she has a lot of respect for both Jordynne Grace and all of IMPACT's women's locker room, stating: "Women's wrestling is so different now and it's so amazing to see the opportunities being given across the board and it's exciting and not I can take nothing away from my career except that I don't want to stay longer than I am welcome to.

I think I have a tremendous amount of love and knowledge to give to the other side and I think it's important for me, for women, to respect me as much as I wish." Mickie also added that she would obviously like to have one last run as Knockouts champion, but that if this were to be her last match, then she will have no regrets.