Arn Anderson on post-injury issues

"I can’t do a button on this side. Can’t do a button on a shirt."

by Sead Dedovic
Arn Anderson on post-injury issues

Arn Anderson was forced to end his career due to a shoulder injury. To this day, he feels problems and finds it difficult to perform certain activities. In an interview with ARN, he talked about the consequences of everything.

“Throw a baseball. Throw a frisbee. Go to a batting cage, hit some baseballs. Anything normal. People don’t understand when you’re left-handed, and that hand is suddenly paralyzed at the age I was, at thirty-seven, you can’t teach yourself how to write right-handed at that advanced age.

You pull through a drive-thru, you roll down the window; you can’t just reach out and grab the cup. I can’t hold it. I have to take off the seat belt, reach across me, get it, bring it back in, set it down. I can’t do a button on this side.

Can’t do a button on a shirt. I have to button it, slip it over my head. Day to day things that you would never think about, I can’t do anymore. I used to love get my boys out in the backyard and just pitch a baseball.

Done”. - he said, as quoted by


Magnum TA is a person who has experienced severe consequences. He remembered exactly him. This is the man who gives him the motivation to never give up. “Before I sit around and start feeling sorry for myself? I think of somebody like Magnum TA who had that horrible car wreck.

In all these years, he has managed to lead a pretty damn good life and it makes you feel foolish to look at this hand and feel sorry for yourself, and see a guy like that who is in a wheelchair for life. He don’t ever complain.

He manages to get through life just fine. Not feeling sorry for myself, there’s a lot of things you would never think about that aren’t possible”.

Arn Anderson