Lana: "I would go back to WWE even without getting paid"

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Lana: "I would go back to WWE even without getting paid"

A few years ago, although her appearances in the ring were never numerous, Lana was one of the most popular women in WWE, she was even more popular than her husband Rusev, currently known in AEW as Miro. So appreciated that many fans often chanted her name even during the Bulgarian wrestler's matches but despite this, this was not enough to prevent her release.

For this reason, in the last few hours it has emerged that Lana would be willing to return to the Stamford federation if only the new management structure were interested. The girl had opened her own red light website once she left WWE, something similar to what Mandy Rose did.

Lana: "I would go back to WWE even without getting paid"

During The Bailey Show, Lana, also known as CJ Perry, revealed that she would shut down her website and return to WWE if given the chance, despite earning more from a prohibited content profile: "In my last few Two years in WWE, I think I had an incredible and very lucrative contract that I had worked hard and long for, but in the last six months, I have grossed more with my site than I did on my highest paying WWE contract.

These days, you have to capitalize on everything because you don't know how long it will last. On Instagram from 2010 to 2014 I grew much faster but that's still not the case anymore. Things change and evolve quickly. You have to seize the moment because tomorrow it could all disappear." On her website: "I'm a huge believer in this thing.

I'm lucky to have this opportunity, but I would only ever go back to wrestling. If WWE were to call me tomorrow and say we want you back, I would accept even though I have less money. I would shut down the site and I would go back to WWE right away.

Life isn't just about money and you have to do what you love. There's nothing in the world you love like wrestling and if given the right opportunity, I could do it for free." WWE is unlikely to re-sign Lana just yet. In all likelihood nothing like this will happen for now but it will be interesting to see if Lana decides to maybe go to other companies.