Shawn Michaels on the plans for the match against Ric Flair


Shawn Michaels on the plans for the match against Ric Flair

Shawn Michaels is a big name on the wrestling scene. He always had big plans, and this time he talked about the plan for the WWE WrestleMania 24 Match against Ric Flair. “I’ve mentioned it before, that particular match was something that came to me in the middle of the night,” Michaels said, as quoted by

“I woke up out of a sleep, I think at like at two o’clock in the morning, got up out of bed and then just, you know, went to the table and started writing and then I’m coming down to the end of it and that’s the thoughts that were in my head.

And of your course, a little tear drop comes down and I was like, oh my goodness, I mean, is this too, oh my goodness, Namby/Pamby? I mean, the wrestling audience can be tough and I just thought, oh, I don’t know. Because it was so emotional for me against, because I knew where Ric was at that time, and I knew how important it was to him and it was genuinely important to me because it was important to him”.

The match

“I wanted this to be really unbelievably special for him. This is my chance for him to, I don’t know say like, you know, of all the great matches he’s had, the best one was with Shawn Michaels at whatever age he was at that time, 56 or something.

So there were a number of reasons I wanted it to go well, but then you’re looking at this ending, it sounds like a love story that may not really go over well, you know with a tough crowd. But I kept it. And, look, I presented that to Michael Hayes and Ric, you know, when we got there to WrestleMania and Ric patted me on the leg and goes, thank you.

And I was still waiting like, does that thank you, like, it’s good or no? It’s still a bit worrisome again”.

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