Kurt Angle accused of having an affair with Kelly Kelly

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Kurt Angle accused of having an affair with Kelly Kelly

Karen Jarrett took to her Twitter account to threaten Kurt Angle, saying she would reveal 24-year of secrets, that she has on him for insulting and disrespecting her husband, Jeff Jarrett. She then took to Twitter again to clarify that those tweets weren't just a response to another tweet.

Karen said someone dug himself a grave, and now she's stopped living in fear of threats. "For those assuming those tweets were in response to another tweet, that is incorrect. Someone has dug himself a deep grave. Maybe all of this will be shared maybe it won't be.

I know I'm done living in fear of threats." We remind you that in all of this, Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett were married and the two also have children together. In 2008, they finally filed for divorce and put their relationship behind them, with Karen stating that it was only after she wrapped up Kurt's story that she started dating Jeff.

In all of this, however, poor Kelly Kelly was also involved, with Karen accusing her of having had an affair with her ex.

Kurt Angle accused of having an affair with Kelly Kelly

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly decided to respond on Twitter to allegations made by Karen Jarrett surrounding an alleged adultery relationship between Kelly and Kurt Angle: "Jeff didn't steal me from anyone.

#dawnmarie #kellikelli #deannesiden to name a few," these are Karen's words that triggered everything. Kelly Kelly, now known as The Barbie Blank, was quick to respond: "I keep getting tagged in these tweets. I privately messaged Karen Jarrett to ask privately and I'm waiting for her response, but I want to go ahead and make it public a statement to say that the only way I can connect to Kurt Angle about us being colleagues, sorry, but thanks for the Monday morning entertainment Lol."