Becky Lynch's ex-boyfriend: "That's why the hatred with Charlotte Flair was born"


Becky Lynch's ex-boyfriend: "That's why the hatred with Charlotte Flair was born"

In the famous Friday Night Smackdown episode that ended with the then champions of the company's red and blue shows swapping belts, with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch having swapped their respective belts, due to the Draft that had taken them to the opposite roster, a real case would have been born, carried on for months by the insiders of various world newspapers.

Between the two, there have always been great rivalries in the rings of the McMahon company, with the last few years however having seen them very separate, with one on one side and the other on the opposite roster. Apparently, according to what is reported by various overseas online sources, it would seem that good blood has not flowed between the two in the last period, with some comments made by Becky Lynch purely for work and therefore in a promo that arrived on-screen, which they would have made the Queen of the company quite annoyed.

Despite the hatred between the two, the company has in any case made sure that they always work well in the ring, even if then the case (and not only) wanted the two to always remain separate on the company's television screens.

Becky Lynch's ex-boyfriend: "That's why the hatred with Charlotte Flair was born"

Three years after their separation, Jeff Dye, Becky Lynch's ex boyfriend before The Man started dating Seth Rollins in 2019, wanted to go back to talking about his ex to the microphones of the Wrestling with Freddie podcast.

The now former WWE partner of the Irishwoman thus wanted to talk about the beginning of the hatred between Becky and Charlotte Flair, stating: "I hope I'm not sharing anything too intimate here, but things had gotten really personal.

While she and Charlotte were feuding, I often heard her say: I can't believe Charlotte really took it out on me, she's furious And I was like. But girls, you know it's all a storyline right? So you can't blame what the other one says about you at work.

I think like any other show business or any other workplace, when you work with someone who sells, you become more and more competitive. You want promotions and you want to increase more and more or you still want a higher position.

Charlotte was having a rough time seeing Becky who was starting to become the face of women's wrestling. I guess that wasn't surprising. It still didn't change my perception, but it was interesting to see how genuinely, when things go wrong, it also takes a turn in real life."

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