"Charlotte Flair didn't know whether to work with her father"

At one point, the girl also worked alongside her father, right in the federation's rings

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Charlotte Flair didn't know whether to work with her father"

One of WWE's greatest women of the past 30 years was undoubtedly former Smackdown Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair, daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. Since the athlete made her debut in the NXT rings, Charlotte has done nothing but grow professionally, leading her character to have ever greater star power, becoming one of the most awarded women of all time, almost reaching the record of reigns father's world titles, now around the corner.

Many, over the years, both in terms of WWE Universe fans and insiders, have been fierce against Charlotte, both because according to many she would be one of the greatest recommended in the recent history of the WWE, and because according to someone WWE would make it win too much, even when it doesn't deserve it.

In all of this, however, Charlotte continues to give great performances, both during the weekly tapings and for the company's biggest PPVs, such as Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble or the Survivor Series, silencing all her detractors.

At one point, the girl also worked alongside her father, right in the federation's rings, with such a storyline that ended when Charlotte kicked Ric out of the federation in a bad way, after Ric had a relationship with Lacey Evans.

Charlotte Flair and her initial reluctance to work with her father

In the latest episode of the Oh You Didn't Know podcast of WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg, the vice president of WWE live events wanted to tell how Charlotte was a little doubtful about working alongside her father on-screen with the company.

Regarding this speech, Road Dogg in fact stated: "You know, I think she was conflicted and I think she didn't show it much. But I think she was conflicted in the sense that she was like, This is my moment and this is the beginning of my great career.

And I'm here, in her shadow again, you know what I mean? I can totally understand her thinking that, because I did relate to her and she had talked about some insecurities, but maybe they were just there at the time, or maybe it was just me imagining them.

Do you know what I mean? I think it would be too much for anyone, even if being with the father, brother, sister, whatever family member they are, everyone would love to work with them. But god, we all want to grow up on our own at some point. You know, go off on your own at some point or the band breaks up."

Charlotte Flair