Sasha Banks Paige's Mystery Partner?

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Sasha Banks Paige's Mystery Partner?

Paige will return on the ring in the All Elite Wrestling rings on January 11th, at Dynamite, to take on Britt Baker and her teammate and champion Jamie Hayter. The doctor, a few episodes ago, had given Paige tickets to participate in the episode, telling her that it was up to her to choose whether to stay in the front row to watch the show, or step forward in the ring against the two, looking for a partner and in the end the English athlete promised her that surely someone would find him.

Given the various rumors that Sasha Banks would definitely finish with WWE and could become a free agent in 2023, many fans thought that she could be Paige's mysterious partner.

Sasha Banks Paige's Mystery Partner?

In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer said that if Sasha Banks were to be Paige's mystery partner, it was indeed being kept well under wraps by the Jacksonville company.

"As for Sasha Banks, if that's happening right now it's a well-kept secret. There's no indication that it is, but obviously if it were to be the case, it could be a well-kept secret to pretty much everyone. Meltzer continued the discourse by saying that he believes AEW would push the match more heavily on television if Sasha Banks actually were to appear: Also, if she was, I think they would push the Los Angeles match more each week, as they have become very cold on any mention of the match on television."

Paige's opinion about it

Regarding these rumors, Paige wanted to comment, to the microphones of Forbes: "I feel that every time it is a mystery, everyone is convinced that she will be Mercedes.

They say, without hesitation, it's her! There are a lot of women out there, I won't say yes or no to anyone, but there are tons of potential tag team partners. I've always said I'd love to work with Sasha again, any way, because she's a professional. From a wrestling standpoint, she's a fantastic athlete, there's no denying her talent."