Rhea Ripley played an intergender match!


Rhea Ripley played an intergender match!

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw which aired on December 19, 2022, WWE decided to stage an intergender match, which has rarely happened in the history of the company, especially in recent years. The first match of the evening was Street Profits against Judgment Day which in this case was formed by Damian Priest and Finn Bálor, with the first two who were accompanied by Akira Tozawa who has abandoned his ninja look for several weeks, while Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio accompanied their stable mates.

T ozawa finally threw Montez Ford's drink at Dominik causing Mami's wrath and winning the Street Profits due to the distraction of the Irishman. After the match, Rhea slapped Tozawa before throwing him a challenge for a match and in the end, through a Riptide, it was the Australian who won the contest, staging the first intergender match in WWE after months and months since the last one was done.

Rhea Ripley played an intergender match!

After this sensational victory, fans began to ask Triple H for more intergender matches on social media, always mentioning Rhea Ripley of course, who has now become one of the most popular workers in the Stamford company.

Post match then, on Judgment Day he was interviewed by Byron Saxton on Raw Talk and instead of talking about the loss against the Street Profits, he celebrated the victory of the Australian, with Priest answering the interviewer: "Again, you did it last week too.

You go straight to the negative things. That's not how we want to end the year man. It's the last Raw of the year and we want to leave a good memory. Let's talk about how Rhea Ripley closed out the night on a high note. Let's talk about the year the JD has had.

Let's talk about the rise of the JD." Meanwhile, Becky Lynch was asked about a potential match against Rhea Ripley and the Irish wrestler wasted no time in immediately praising the Australian girl: "I think Rhea is one of the greatest athletes we've ever seen.

I think she's incredible. She's so young, so full of potential. I look at her and I'm like, Well, this is the future of the company and the business is in good hands. She is the future, but I still remain the present. There can only be one The Man out there."

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