Harvey Wippleman on how he met The Rock

“I’ve known Dwayne since he was a child."

by Sead Dedovic
Harvey Wippleman on how he met The Rock

Harvey Wippleman and The Rock have an interesting relationship. The two are great friends, and Wippleman talked about their friendship and interesting details in a conversation with One on One. “I’ve known Dwayne since he was a child.

Rocky Johnson, who was his dad, was fundamental in breaking me into the business and getting me going in this profession that thankfully I’ve been in for 43 years going on 44. So, Rocky brought me to Hawaii in 19– I’m the world’s worst at years, but I think it was ’83….

[he] brought me to Hawaii to manage, and that’s how I started managing. Running around the ring, choking the guy when the referee wasn’t looking”. - Harvey said, as quoted by pwmania.com. The Rock has always been an interesting personality and had different preferences than the others.

“Rocky had other plans when he came [to Memphis]. He brought his son with him, Dewey, Dwayne… He asked me to let his son live with me, and of course I know him from Hawaii and everything. I said, ‘Of course, Rocky.’ So, Dwayne came and lived with me.

Never expected it… Dwayne lived with me at the Alamo Plaza, and he loved to drive. He was already 6′ 2″ or whatever. He loved to drive. Well, I loved to drink beer and back then I was a problem drinker, I ain’t going to lie.

So we had an arrangement. At night out in the towns, we would drive to lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville."

Wippleman on The Rock

Their days were interesting and they spent them in an interesting way. "Well now it’s all gentrified, back then it was nothing but old redneck honky tonks and beer joints, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, guys singing in the street with a bucket in front of them, you name it.

It was the worst place you could be. So naturally, that’s where me and Dwayne went every night out on the town. He would he would drive me, I’d drink beer. He’d stand behind me in the bar, he looked like he was 30 when he was that age. So anyway, we got real close”.

The Rock