Mandy Rose speaks out after being fired from WWE

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Mandy Rose speaks out after being fired from WWE

WWE saw fit to fire its now former NXT champion, due to the videos that went viral online, which saw the company's wrestler entertaining herself in a swimming pool without top, with Mandy Rose who had already decided months ago to open a private account at payment for her fans, in which she entertained chats, even quite forbidden to minors and was seen without clothes by all his paying supporters.

Only a few hours ago, the well-known American site Fightful, reported in fact: “Fightful Select has learned that Mandy Rose has been fired from WWE. WWE officials felt they were being put in a difficult position based on the content she was posting on her BrandArmy page.

They felt like she was outside the parameters of his WWE deal." Obviously, such behavior has never been allowed for any WWE Superstar, male or female, although several athletes have been hacked in recent years and several private photos have surfaced online, but without their consent.

After the dismissal by WWE, many have tried to defend the work of the beautiful former NXT champion, with several colleagues who have also sent their support to the athlete currently left out of work, such as the former WWE Paige, now Saraya in the rings of All Elite Wrestling.

Mandy Rose speaks out again after WWE firing With a quite hilarious message, the former champion of the third WWE brand wanted to respond to the many fans who asked how she was doing, with the beautiful and now ex WWE athlete who thus wanted to respond to her many supporters, on her FanTime account, writing: "Hey guys, thanks for all the messages.

I've been showered with all the love and support that has come from you guys. And don't worry, the page is still here!" In a message that she almost smacks of mockery, Mandy confirmed how she will continue to share her content on her private her page, despite it leading to her being fired from the number one company in the world.

of pro wrestling. Is Mandy Rose finally done with wrestling now that she understands which way she can make the most money, maybe!