Does Matt Riddle have addiction issues?

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Does Matt Riddle have addiction issues?

In recent days, WWE has wanted to give a new official announcement to its fans, with the possible use of time that the former tag team champion with Randy Orton, Matt Riddle, could take to return to the scene with the company.

These are the words revealed during last Friday's episode of Smackdown by the usual Michael Cole for WWE: "Due to Solo Sikoa's attack on Raw, Matt Riddle is slated for an approximately six-week off-stage absence." We recall how WWE wanted to oust its former tag team champion along with The Viper, to justify an injury that occurred during Monday Night Raw, after Solo Sikoa's attack, after seeing the Usos retain their tag belts in the last episode of the red show that aired last week.

Apparently, however, Riddle would not have encountered any type of injury, neither during the dispute, nor the days before, with the company that instead would have wanted to exclude its athlete, due to very serious underlying problems, which should be resolved as soon as possible possible.

Matt Riddle and the battle with addiction

Apparently, in recent months WWE has encountered problems with the Wellness Program regarding Matt Riddle. The Wellness Program, as you will all remember, is that program which deals with the protection of WWE Superstars and athletes and which prevents them from using drugs, alcohol and psychotropic substances, on pain of fines and suspensions, even dismissal, if violations are repeated over time.

As reported by journalist Cassidy Haynes, of the Bodyslam website, it seems that Riddle has failed two tests in the last few months (and we are not talking about simple marijuana), forcing WWE to corner him: or the athlete would have entered a clinic rehabilitation or he would have been fired.

Apparently, already under Vince Mcmahon's regime, Riddle had been warned, with a violation that occurred in the summer, before SummerSlam, which would have prevented him from seeing his match against Seth Rollins, as you will remember from the match expelled from the card of the Big Four summer.

Now, Riddle would be talked into entering the WWE threat clinic, with the athlete returning, hopefully, with a different attitude in six weeks.