Drew McIntyre is ousted from Smackdown: what happens


Drew McIntyre is ousted from Smackdown: what happens
Drew McIntyre is ousted from Smackdown: what happens

During one of the episodes of Smackdown aired a few Fridays ago, Sheamus made his return to the rings of the blue show, presenting himself during the Bloodline spoken segment, with a thirst for revenge that immediately triggered a brawl between the complete Bloodline and the Brawling Brutes team.

Sheamus' longtime friend, Drew McIntyre, also thought of helping the Europeans, who went to attack the Samoans, allying himself with Ridge Holland, Butch and the Celtic Warrior. Finally, with several references to war and thus the word WAR, WWE ended this chaotic segment.

In view of the last big ppv of the company, or the last Big Four of the year, Survivor Series War Games, it seemed that this could be one of the other matches inside the cages seen until recently at NXT, with this 4 vs 4 which could therefore have been one of the most exciting contests of the PPV, but the arrival of Kevin Owens in the following Friday episode introduced a new component into the match, with the complete Bloodline on one side and all the Europeans more the Canadian on the other.

In the end, at the Series, we actually saw the War Games between the two factions close the PPV, with the Bloodline beating the faces of the federation, thanks to the help of Sami Zayn against Jey Uso, against his friend from a Life: Kevin Owens.

Drew McIntyre misses Smackdown due to medical problems

With a short tweet that arrived just a few hours ago on the official Twitter page of the former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, he wanted to confirm to his fans that he will not be able to be present in the next edition of the blue show, on Friday Night Smackdown, due to an unrelated medical problem.

better specified. These are Drew's words: "Unfortunately I have been medically disqualified to compete this Friday on Smackdown. I don't like to miss any shows as everyone probably knows but I promise I will be back very soon." At the moment, we don't know what is gripping the former WWE world champion, whether a simple flu or a more concrete physical problem, the certain thing is that fans of the Glasgow psychopath will have to wait a little longer to see him again in the company's rings, until until he is fully recovered.

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