Stokely Hathaway on mental health issues: I just felt miserable

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Stokely Hathaway on mental health issues: I just felt miserable

Stokely Hathaway talked about many topics in an interview with "The Sessions". Hathaway touched on how it all started. “I wanted to be a wrestler and I’m 5’8” on a good day and I didn’t have the athletic ability to, you know, pull it off, and so everyone thought that I was a good talker, so I just transitioned into that.

At the time, I initially started doing this because it was my thesis project in grad school. I wanted to prove that I thought that wrestling was an art form. So all my professors said, yea, sure. They thought I was going to flunk out, so they allowed me to go on this journey.

So I moved to Philadelphia for a few months and I trained. Funny story, Claudio Castagnoli was originally one of my trainers, Orange Cassidy, and Chuck Taylor. So, I graduated. It went well. I have my masters in performing arts”.

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Mental health issues

Stokely Hathaway also had mental health issues. It is obvious that the pressure, expectations and everything else affected him. “It was really interesting because I think I would say that a lot of people kind of looked at me as if I was the bad guy.

I kind of get it, or I do get it, because you know, I’m sure they’re were plenty of people who would kill to be in the position that I was in. At the time, like, I just couldn’t do it, you know? I never really said why.

I did a comedy show and like, I alluded to it, but the wrong message came across from that show. So, I mean, to be completely honest, in February, I woke up one day, and like, I just felt miserable. Like, I just felt, I guess the right word would be crazy, right? Like, I didn’t know where I was.

I didn’t know what was going on. It kind of went away, and then it kept increasing to the point where like, it was just debilitating. So, you know, I voluntarily just committed myself. This was on a Friday. I think I got out on Sunday.

It was a very interesting experience mainly because I would say in Florida, it’s like, prison for the mentally ill. So when I went in, I had no idea what I was in for. I was in kind of, like a cell. It was like, no real sheets.

It was just like a metal frame that you laid on. Like, obviously, like the sink was, you know, one of those things that was like, rigged to where you know, it was like motion detected. It gave you like a little thing of soap, a little thing of toothpaste.

It was literally like, you couldn’t go into your room until 8 or 9 PM and then you had to wake up at 6 AM. Then you just walk the floor. It’s like, that was it, like you just like walk back and forth to fill up the time.

So that was like three days of that, and then afterwards, I was like, maybe I’m not as crazy as I thought”.