The tweet: "Fire Ronda Rousey" goes viral


The tweet: "Fire Ronda Rousey" goes viral

The match valid for the Friday Night SmackDown women's title was placed in third place on the Survivor Series: War Games card by WWE and unfortunately did not impress the fans, who not only remained silent during the various actions, but at a certain point they also started yelling We want Sasha, counting that we were also in Boston, forcing WWE to turn down the volume of the broadcast.

The only interesting enough moment of the match was when Shotzi sent Ronda Rousey and Shayna over the barricades onto some fans and did a crossbody on them all, knocking them all down, but when the tables turned again in the ring things went awry.

favor of the champion, who managed to subdue her opponent making her give up and keeping the title, but leaving a bad memory of this titled defense with the obvious limitations it seems to have in the pro-wrestling rings.

Apparently, moreover, it doesn't seem to have gone better during tonight's live broadcast of Monday Night Raw, with an ugly trend that went viral as WWE was preparing to air its show, with fans connected from home they started posting videos and photos of the blue show champion, asking the company to fire the athlete.

Ronda Rousey and the trend that wants her out of WWE

While WWE was busy livestreaming its weekly Monday Night Raw, fans of the WWE Universe managed to make the hashtag "#FireRondaRousey" go viral, with several of these phrases being inserted in some comments or just as the only caption of some videos and photos.

After the rather bad performance of the champion of the blue show in that of the Survivor Series, it seems that a fairly large slice of the WWE public is fed up with the botches and the incompetence of the former MMA athlete, with Ronda being therefore attacked in any way on social media.

Who knows what WWE will do now that it has learned of the hatred of some fans towards its champion, if her reign will undergo changes or if the company will continue as if nothing happened to stage the plans it already had for the her Baddest Woman on the Planet?

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