Superstar of SmackDown launches the challenge to Roman Reigns

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Superstar of SmackDown launches the challenge to Roman Reigns

Since his return to wrestling in SummerSlam's Pay per View, Roman Reigns has appeared totally different with a different bad and tough side than the role of Babyface he had played in recent years. On top of that there was the addition of the well-known manager and his advisor Paul Heyman who helped show us a totally changed Big Dog.

In the last few weeks and in the near future, WWE has confirmed great faith in the WWE Universal Champion and after the feud it is now waging against his cousin Jey Uso there seem to be big plans in place for him.

Aleister Black's words for Roman Reigns

Waiting to challenge the SmackDown champion there are several athletes or rather there is a row especially since Roman Reigns is one (if not the) of the most important characters of the federation.

The latest superstar to challenge the champion was Aleister Black who, interviewed on Sports Illustrated's microphones, confirmed that he has already talked about it with Paul Heyman and currently the wrestler feels ready to challenge The Big Dog.

Here are his statements: "I would like to be embroiled in a feud with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. There are many things that move the pieces of a chessboard and to get to these matches let's say I have to checkmate.

I talked to Paul and this is one of the moves I had to make "Already recently on SportsKeeda's microphones the wrestler had anticipated his intentions:" There isn't a different person that I would like to face from Roman Reigns, it is obvious that everyone would like to challenge a wrestler like him but I hope to be his next target in Friday Night Smackdown " Given the arrival of Aleister Black in SmackDown, a possible clash between them and Roman Reigns seems very likely.

Roman Reigns is currently involved in a feud against the swan Jey Uso and after beating him on one occasion, he will challenge his cousin in an interesting match scheduled for the next Pay per View of Hell in a Cell. Meanwhile, as confirmed by PWInsider, on Tuesday 13 October, the couple would have married in a ceremony for a few close friends in the city of Tampa, with John Cena and the new girlfriend, met on a film set in Canada, which they would have crowned their dream, away from prying eyes and without cameras or paparazzi being able to reach the place of the event.

The couple had already been made official in March of last year, while instead during 2020, the two had decided to get married, with John Cena who had in fact admitted that he wanted to take this big step during this 2020, without however giving a precise date of the event.

At the moment, however, the details of the ceremony are not yet known, nor is it known if John has invited any colleague or friend from the pro-wrestling world, but it is imagined that due to anti-covid constraints, the ceremony was not great and huge as it could have been for a showman like John Cena.