John Cena got married in secret!

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John Cena got married in secret!

John Cena is now a married man, after the sensational break with Nikki Bella, also a very famous WWE Superstar, the leader of the Chain Gang had in fact remained single for some time, with the beautiful former champion of the WWE who had instead quickly rebuilt a life, getting engaged to a famous dancer of the American version of the program Dancing with the stars, with whom she then had a son.

The great love story that had in fact linked John and Nikki and that had fascinated several fans of the WWE Universe, is in the end shipwrecked in the worst way, with Cena who apparently would not have wanted children yet, while the girl would have wanted one right away.

Apparently, however, even the former WWE Champion would have married in great secrecy in the past few hours, with several online sources that have confirmed this, even if no photos have yet been released by the paparazzi of the moment, which obviously have not succeeded.

to immortalize the event.

John Cena gets married in a private ceremony with Shay Shariatzadeh

As confirmed by PWInsider, on Tuesday 13 October, the couple would have married in a ceremony for a few close friends in the city of Tampa, with John Cena and the new girlfriend, met on a film set in Canada, which they would have crowned their dream, away from prying eyes and without cameras or paparazzi being able to reach the place of the event.

The couple had already been made official in March of last year, while instead during 2020, the two had decided to get married, with John Cena who had in fact admitted that he wanted to take this big step during this 2020, without however giving a precise date of the event.

At the moment, however, the details of the ceremony are not yet known, nor is it known if John has invited any colleague or friend from the pro-wrestling world, but it is imagined that due to anti-covid constraints, the ceremony was not great and huge as it could have been for a showman like John Cena.

Meanwhile during the podcast Hall of Fame, Alexa Bliss revealed: “I was bullied during my childhood. I was even forced to change school given my situation. The day before the Christmas holidays I was walking down the halls with my boyfriend and I was punched by a girl and I was knocked out.

The truth is this girl wanted to set part of a group and they told her she had to hit someone. I was an easy target, I remember that I couldn't see anything that Christmas because my eyes were practically closed. "Alexa was forced to change schools but improved in her self defense.

Alexa reveals that because of her character in WWE she struggled to have boys: "Because of the person and character I was playing the boys were afraid to come to me, especially when I was at the top of WWE and I was champion."

Alexa Bliss also revealed that one of the plots that was most dear to her is the one that saw her protagonist in the storyline with Nia Jax in 2018. A plot on body shaming, a situation that was close to her heart given her difficult experience personal.