Randy Orton may never return to the ring again


Randy Orton may never return to the ring again
Randy Orton may never return to the ring again

In the latest edition of his podcast, former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree expressed his sincere opinion on the injury suffered by Randy Orton. He told: "Well, it's part of the game and we know it. All athletes have a bump card, which is a pain and stress threshold that their body can handle.

When your bump card fills up, you need to get over it and quit. Randy Orton made a lot of money during his career as he started to be successful when he was 19." Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page revealed that he would have liked to face the Viper: "It would have been great to get in the ring with him, we would have given birth to a memorable show.

The whole feud would have been electrifying and the WWE Universe. He would have had a lot of fun. Randy is a talented and super well-rounded wrestler who can do anything in the ring. I would be surprised if he didn't make it into the all-time Top 5 once he retired.

There aren't many who can. boast such longevity. It's crazy considering he was the youngest world champion in WWE history."

Randy Orton may never return to the ring again

Randy Orton hasn't set foot in the ring for several months and doubts have arisen about his actual condition.

The Viper has been suffering from a back injury for a long time and there were also rumors of a possible surgery. Randy and Matt Riddle had lost their Raw tag team titles to the Usos and were then attacked by the full Bloodline.

That narrative knot had allowed the 'Legend Killer' to finally take a break. According to the latest rumors, the injury of the 14-time world champion would be more serious than expected: "There is a lot of concern about Orton's back injury.

It's more serious than we thought," said Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent for the Wrestling Observer. It was initially speculated that the former WWE Champion would be ready for Royal Rumble 2023, but at this point it is impossible to predict.

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