Steve Austin: "John Cena changed the culture of the pro-wrestling world"


Steve Austin: "John Cena changed the culture of the pro-wrestling world"

John Cena's last appearance in WWE was on June 27th. The 16-time world champion celebrated the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut and recorded a promo on Monday Night Raw, presented directly by Chairman Vince McMahon shortly before his departure.

About a month after his return, Vince shocked everyone by announcing his resounding retirement. The now former Chairman of the company has decided to step aside, complicit with the advancing age and the heavy accusations that have fallen on him in recent months.

His right-hand man John Laurinaitis, former head of talent relations, has also been banned from the Stamford federation. The Game wasted no time and immediately gave its creative touch to the shows, as well as bringing back several stars who had been released to the company.

Fans and insiders are wondering when it will be possible to see the leader of the Cenation in the ring again. The Boston champion has repeatedly reiterated that his wrestler career has not yet come to an end, confirming that in recent months he has remained in contact with the federation, a sign that some projects are still in the pipeline.

Stone Cold compliments John Cena for his contribution to WWE

In his last speech to the microphones of the show Complex, the WWE Hall of Famer of the Stamford federation, Stone Cold Steve Austin, wanted to congratulate his colleague, stating: "I think sneaker culture is a great thing in wrestling, but for me, a traditional dude who starts out as a technical wrestler and then becomes a hitter, it just doesn't fit my style.

Of course, John Cena is the first that comes to my mind when I think of sneakers in the wrestling game and he was really on top with those. And the best thing was when he pumped them in the middle of the ring. I think he was the one who really wanted to make things work, he made it become something magical, a sign, a mark of him and his audience was behind him, he is one of those guys; What a fantastic career he has had and it has also affected many other people."

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