Natalya shows the effects of what happened in Glasgow

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Natalya shows the effects of what happened in Glasgow

Natalya shows the effects of what happened in Glasgow. In fact, in the match between Liv Morgan and Natalya, the Canadian disappeared out of the blue from the ring, immediately after her defeat, causing the fans to worry. During the Glasgow contest, the match ended with an aerial move by Liv Morgan, with the former blue show champion throwing herself at her opponent, who was lying on a table in the center of the ring.

After throwing herself against the Canadian, Liv managed to pin Nattie, with the Canadian who, however, left the ring in a lightning-fast way, not selling her colleague's move in the best way. To explain what happened, the well-known site Ringside News had arrived among the first, with its journalists who had stated: "Regarding the spot of the table with Natalya where it seemed that the athlete had not sold everything, we were told that that was not the intention.

Natalya simply left the ring to let Liv Morgan celebrate her victory and nothing was wanted against her. In addition, the spot with the tables can be a really tough spot to take. At that particular moment, the table didn't break and Natalya had to take all the impact on her stomach.

However, we can confirm the fact that he is fine after the match."

Natalya shows the damage of the table on social media

After the bad blow suffered against the table in the center of the ring, with this object that did not even break as it should have, Natalya wanted to show the photo of the damage suffered to the head, revealing: "When you go against a table and you have a giant goose egg behind your head ....

and cuts .... pain is beauty! But I love you anyway, Scotland and Germany !!! "In spite of everything, Natalya is fine and is back with her feet in the backstage of the federation's European shows, while her opponent celebrated her victories together with the public.