Alexa Bliss and Asuka win the Women's Tag Team Championship

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Alexa Bliss and Asuka win the Women's Tag Team Championship

In one of the last installments of Monday Night RAW, Bayley and Bianca Belair clashed verbally, with the former taking on the RAW Women’s Champion at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match. This means that the only way the two of them had to win the title was to climb the ladder and take the title hanging above the ring.

The challenge between the Role Model and The EST of WWE was already scheduled last year for the Premium Live Event Money in the Bank, with the SmackDown Women's Title up for grabs, but Bayley's severe knee injury ruined the plans, keeping her at home for a whole year.

In fact, the Californian girl was injured at the Performance Center while she was training and injured her anterior cruciate ligament, being out of the game for over a year. But now she is back in SummerSlam '22, after the end of the match won by Bianca Belair against Becky Lynch.

At Extreme Rules, Bayley did not manage to win her match anyway, leaving the title to the side of the champion Bianca Belair, while instead her two colleagues carried on their reign of couple champions until tonight, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

Alexa Bliss and Asuka win the Women's Tag Team Championship

In the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this night, Asuka made her return to the rings of the red show after a few weeks of absence to better sell the injury caused by the Damage CTRL champions.

After seeing the Japanese run back to save Bianca Belair at an early stage of the episode, both she and teammate Alexa Bliss received the opportunity to go to the main event against the champions, in a team contest that saw the two belts of the champions to be given away.

To sensationally win the Monday Night Raw main event, it was the two babyfaces of the show, with Alexa Bliss pinning Iyo Sky, bringing the belts to the "good" side of the roster. Alexa and Asuka thus win their umpteenth title, this time however together, with the two who had never been couple champions together, but who had already held these belts with other colleagues in the past.