William Regal: "I put my WWE job in the balance for Sasha Banks"

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William Regal: "I put my WWE job in the balance for Sasha Banks"
William Regal: "I put my WWE job in the balance for Sasha Banks" (Provided by Sport World News)

Sasha Banks and Naomi, former couple champions of the WWE main roster, had left the arena where the Monday Night Raw show was to be held, on May 16 after a big disagreement on the direction of their booking, with all the creative team and in especially with Vince Mcmahon and John Laurinaitis.

In fact, initially the booking of the evening provided for the participation of both women in a six-pack challenge match in the main event to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, with Naomi who should have even won the contest, so their release forced the backstage team to quickly change the script, airing a simple 1 vs 1 between Asuka and Becky Lynch.

In the last few months, WWE has literally burnt earth around its two athletes, eliminating them from any on-screen and off-screen references and also eliminating their Facebook pages and references in the official WWE Shop, where their items have disappeared and gadgets for sale.

All this, obviously wanted by the Chairman Vince McMahon, who, however, is currently retired and out of the family company and who is succeeded by his daughter Stephanie as CEO and his son-in-law Triple H as regards the creative part.

William Regal remembers the first meeting with Sasha Banks

In his latest installment of his podcast, former NXT General Manager and current on-screen manager of rival AEW, William Regal, wanted to bring to mind what he remembers about his first meeting with Sasha Banks and what he said to management about it to the girl.

To the microphones of the Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal said: "When I first met her, Sasha ed was between 18 and 19 and we were in Boston. I was in the catering and she was an extra. She asked me if she could come with me and sit down and ask me some questions that I could answer, even more than one.

I always help everyone I can, so I sat down and answered her questions and every time I saw her after that, the same thing happened." Regarding his relationship with the management, Regal continued: "There were only 4 people I felt I could bet on with Mr McMahon and Triple H and I bet on my reputation.

I put my job in danger for them and one of them was Sasha Banks. She was one of them because I knew her and the first thing I wanted to do with my job was to hire her. I told them 'If she doesn't work, you can fire me' she wasn't one of them. That's a separate thing."

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