Sasha Banks appears in a training session, but not in WWE!

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Sasha Banks appears in a training session, but not in WWE!

Sasha Banks and Naomi have not appeared on television for WWE since May 13, when they had a match at Friday Night SmackDown where they defeated Natalya and Shayna Baszler. After appearing that same weekend during a couple of live events, the two decided not to show up on Monday Night Raw on May 16, taking and leaving backstage after arguing with the upper floors.

Theoretically, the two of them were expected to participate in a match with multiple wrestlers to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, but Sasha and Naomi, who were the couple champions at the time, felt little respected because such, so they refused to perform, abandoning the show and forcing the company to rewrite the card.

After this act, the various versions of the incident began to circulate on the web and the two protagonists literally disappeared from social networks before popping up after some time, mainly to promote their appearances outside the Stamford company and the various partnerships.

Sasha Banks enters the ring with Lucha Libre Barcelona

The last photographic testimony appeared online that sees Sasha Banks present on a ring other than the WWE one, arrived in the last hours, with Sasha Banks who wanted to train with the company of Lucha Libre Barcelona, ​​while the athletes of the LLB they prepared their matches for live events.

The WWE Superstar has in fact been in the city of Barcelona for a few days where she had already met Kalisto, former WWE Superstar who now called Samurai Del Sol at the Fira de Barcelona Conference Center. If Samurai Del Sol has already fought for a match with the LLB, Sasha Banks instead only attended some live events of the company and RCW and in the end he also decided to train in the ring with Lucha Libre Barcelona, ​​as evidenced by the photo that we will post below.

Sasha Banks Barcelona