Is Sasha Banks planning a big match with a former WWE?

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Is Sasha Banks planning a big match with a former WWE?

It has now been several months since Sasha Banks and Naomi last appeared on WWE screens. The former couple champions decided to go hard with Vince Mcmahon and leave the arena by not performing on the May 16 episode of Raw, where they had been widely publicized.

Things have changed considerably in WWE since then, mostly due to Vince's retirement and Triple H's takeover, but rumors of the two returning become increasingly mixed. Meanwhile Mercedes Varnado, this is the real name of Sasha Banks, continues to be active on social media.

In the past few hours she has teased Wrestling fans by sharing a fan made graphic on her Instagram profile that advertised a match between her and KAIRI (ex Kairi Sane in WWE) valid for the IWGP Women's Championship (title created in collaboration with STARDOM), accompanied by the following caption: "Everything so interesting".

The graphics were then also reposted by the Japanese fighter on Twitter, fueling speculation. KAIRI will face Jazzy Gabbert in the semi-final valid to crown the first female champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling and is currently one of the favorites.

Sasha never hid her love for Japan, having also trained there in the past.

Will Sasha Banks Go to New Japan Pro Wrestling?

After reporting most of the people Vince fired in the past, most recently Bray Wyatt, there are many who hope that Triple H can find a deal with Sasha Banks, his pupil at NXT.

Apparently, however, the former champion would like to have full control over the intellectual property for the characters she personally helps develop, including the one she has in the world of wrestling. The wrestler also broke the silence regarding her future in entertainment, letting us know that probably other characters are there ready to wait for her in other creative and work spheres.

One of her most recent successes was playing Koska Reeves in the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian (where she also showed off several wrestling maneuvers for the occasion). We just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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