Does WWE have any new plans for JBL?

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Does WWE have any new plans for JBL?

In one of the last episodes of September's Friday Night Smackdown, we saw one of the show's protagonists, Happy Corbin, being approached by a WWE Hall of Famer well known to audiences around the world, former WWE Champion JBL.

Although the WWE never framed the former athlete, the limo with the horns on the hood and the unmistakable voice of the Texan, who had a historic feud with Eddie Guerrero, left no doubts to the fans of the company. Weeks after that approach, Happy Corbin has no more news, with the McMahon federation apparently orchestrating plans to bring his former WWE Champion back on-screen, who has quickly become one of the most popular heels.

formidable in the history of the federation of the last 25-30 years.

JBL will be returning to Raw in the coming weeks

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the journalists of the well-known site PW Insider, WWE would be considering the hypothesis of having its Hall of Famer appear in some form in the next episodes of Monday Night Raw, after having seen the appearance of him in Smackdown of September.

These are the words of the site: "There were discussions on Friday night at Smackdown regarding the WWE Hall of Famer JBL that could be featured in the next Raw in some way." At the moment, no details have emerged from inside WWE sources yet on what JBL could do, but his approach to Happy Corbin, in one of the worst moments of his career, could portend a drastic change of gimmick for the former King of the Ring of Smackdown.

That the rumor that sees JBL appearing on Raw also brings Happy Corbin there as did Rey Mysterio at Smackdown in the last episode? We just have to wait and follow the next putate of the red show to understand where the company will go with this storyline, which already promises great things. In the next week they'll come more news about.