Seth Rollins attacks The Fiend: "It's hard to work with him"

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Seth Rollins attacks The Fiend: "It's hard to work with him"
Seth Rollins attacks The Fiend: "It's hard to work with him" (Provided by Sport World News)

Among the many names excluded from the WWE rosters last year, there was also that of the former Universal and WWE Champion of the McMahon family, Bray Wyatt, athlete with a thousand faces, who had managed to get back on the crest of the wave thanks to the his new character introduced in the rings of the company de McMahon: the evil Fiend.

After months struggling with Fiend's mind games, in a wonderful feud against Randy Orton, with the character brought to the scene by Wyatt who had even been set ablaze entirely after a Firefly Inferno match at TLC the year before, WWE had thought it well to release Bray Wyatt for his constant absences, with the death of his close friend Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper in WWE), who had been putting Bray's mind to the test in recent months.

In recent weeks, however, it seems that the athlete is about to return to work with the McMahons, with the various videos and messages hidden in the QR Codes of the White Rabbit, which seem to lead to him.

Seth Rollins against the killer character of The Fiend

In his latest interview, the former WWE Champion Seth Rollins wanted to go against the tide, however, criticizing quite harshly the almost invincible character of the Fiend, who did not remain down even with seated and blows with blunt objects.

In his speech to the microphones of BT Sport, the WWE prophet said: "The character of Bray Wyatt was so difficult. If you look at everyone who has worked with the character of Bray Wyatt for a long enough period of time, you see how they didn't come out better, in fact maybe they came out worse than us.

they came in. It was very difficult to have an affair with him, apart from when he went up against Randy Orton, it was difficult for everyone. I think maybe Daniel Bryan may have managed to escape in time, before being sucked into him, but everyone else has seen the end of their characters.

I mean, it was also the end of the Seth Rollins character as you knew him. The Beast Slayer character, you know? It was very difficult to be able to tell a good wrestling story with that character. I was not good with phenomenological things.

I wasn't able to interact with reality enough of what I was supposed to feel and feel during that story."